Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I had to take a break from the smallmouth and decided to get a start on the musky I've been wanting to do. I think I'm going to have him busting up a pod of bluegills or maybe ramsacking a school of suckers. Just depends on what mood I'm in when I get there.  This is a close up of the head, but the whole board is 16x20.

Below is an update on the musky. He is starting to take shape. What is interesting about this one is the fact that I'm pretty much using one tool which I hate with a passion....and it's what we call a fiberglass brush. I hate using them, but it seems to represent the texture of a musky's head pretty well. Sorry for those who wanted to see that smallie get finished. I'm actually waiting for some tools to come in the mail before I get back on it.

Dude looked bad hungry so I had to give him something to eat. I'm thinking about adding some more bluegill and maybe some background...but it might look better just blacked out.

I've still got along way to go now that I've decided to do this one in color.


  1. Paul,

    What's the process for making these in color? Do you do the scratchboard work first, then go back with watercolors or another paint medium? This looks great.

  2. Yep- scratch, add ink, scratch again, add more ink, scratch some more. It is alot longer of a process than just doing a black and white. I use special ink but you can also use acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, just about anything.