Saturday, April 16, 2011

Whitey is back.........

in the river! The turkeys have been less than cooperative this week but I've been able to keep alive my innate urge to conquer all things wild by beating up on the white bass. I have been able to get on them earlier this year as a result of two things, lake drawdown and my new fishing kayak that my buddy JEB hooked me up with. It is the 10 ft Moken by Feel Free and it is soo fishable and comfortable. I would recommend this setup to anybody looking for a fishing kayak. I've managed in the past to get a turkey and a mess of white bass in the same day, which to me is the celebration of spring time, but this year my goal is this: big gobbler, spank whitey, AND catch a musky in the same day. Not necessarily in that order either, although that is the more likely scenerio.

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