Saturday, June 19, 2010

Field and Stream Total Outdoorsman Challenge

The last thing I ever wanted to do was have to compete at a Field and Stream Total Outdoorsman Challenge regional qualifier in order to get my ticket to Dogwood Canyon in Missouri for the finals. Having placed 4th at the finals last year pretty much forced that hand I didn't want to play, but I was happy with the outcome at the regional in Nashville, TN this past weekend. I tied with 1st place, but ended with 2nd after the tie-breaker. This guarantees my ticket to the finals and a shot once again to reclaim the title. It's not going to be easy with the competition that the event is drawing, but with a little luck who knows. I've been really focused lately on the South Holston Flyfishing Festival where I will be the featured "starving" artist. I have been too busy to do any art, and for those hoping to see some, I'm sorry. You just might have to wait until this winter to be totally honest. How can I get all the good reference material unless I'm out there doing it? Hey, I hunt/fish then do art. Not the opposite.  


  1. Congrats Paul...and good luck in the finals! See you at River's Way...

  2. Good luck in the finals Paul! Yes, I would like to see some new art but you do have to be inspired to create it so I will be patiently waiting.